Summer Internship Program 2022

🌎 | Full Time

ECS 2022 Internship Program

Are you looking for a job this summer where you’ll have a real impact and gain real world experience? Our Summer Internship Program might be what you’re looking for.

Internships at Ecaresoft are project based and focused on creating a high impact for our customers, our products, and our company. You can forget about spending the whole summer fetching coffee for someone else or dealing with mundane tasks.

The main purpose of our internship program is to create a platform for you to learn, have fun, and get to know our culture & team. You’ll be assigned a mentor that will guide you during your internship and help you get the most out of your time at Ecaresoft.

You can watch this 1 minute video of Paula’s experience at Ecaresoft last summer to get a better idea of what doing an internship at ECS is all about:

All of our internships are paid and require a commitment of 10 to 12 weeks of full time work between May and August (specific start/end dates are flexible).

What we’re looking for

You love what you do. Be it graphic design, development, sales, etc… you want to become a “master” of your craft through constant learning and experimentation. You enjoy understanding your profession from first principles.

You don’t need a babysitter. We value responsibility, that means we don’t need someone looking over our shoulders to make sure we’re doing the right thing. Everyone is treated as an adult and has to act according to one.

Big appetite for learning. We’re looking for people that are eager to learn new technologies, methodologies, and approaches to doing things. We don’t believe in experts. We believe in always learning.

How to apply?

We want to know about you. What you like, why you decided to study whatever you’re studying, what you’re expecting from this internship, why we should hire you, etc. Be creative and honest. Send us an email with a couple of paragraphs, include your CV, link to your portafolio/blog/github profile or any other relevant site if you have one. But remember: a good cover letter is way more important to us than how “full” your CV looks.

Have a look at the open positions we have for this summer 👇🏻 and mention which one you’re applying for in your email.

The Internships

🎨 Graphic Design

We’re looking for someone with an eye for clean and functional design that wants to grow their brand design skills, and learn UX/UI for mobile and web applications.

You’ll be working in a multidisciplinary team with marketeers, product managers and developers. Have a look at our dribbble profile — if you like what you see (and think you could add value to it) this position could be for you!

💻 Software Engineer

Do you want to learn from some of the best in the game and upgrade your skills? We’re looking for Computer Science students that want to put their knowledge into practice. We have all sort of projects planned for this summer that you can participate in: from DevOps to Data Science to mobile dev. Our tech stack is pretty wide (Elixir, EmberJS, Rails, Java, Python/Django…) but you’re welcome to suggest the tech stack you want to work with for your project. Make the most out of your summer, work with other talented programmers, and have fun!

🗣 Marketing


This person helps the company create audiovisual pieces to be put on youtube to be known by a larger audience. You must have a passion for designing, producing, and distributing organizational and functionality videos. They are mostly promotional videos of our software and its functionality. We do not require a high film quality, but we’re looking for a creative person who knows how to catch our target audience’s eye. For this we also expect someone who has:

  • Communication, prioritization, and time management skills.
  • Exceptional organization skills for videos; planning, filming, and editing in expected times.
  • Strategic and smart about content distribution and usage.
  • Experience with audio and visual editing software (Adobe; After Effects/Premiere)

There is not much to say about this position, is all about audiovisual! So please apply by linking your portfolio or proving some type of experience on audiovisual and by recording a video of yourself of why you’d be a good choice for this interning position.


Being a copywriter is, for us, one of the most important team members in our creative process to create marketing materials. The copywriter is the person who takes care of our company’s message, making sure it’s the correct message in the appropriate in material. Its important to understand our information, system and target audience to create both: short and concise content as well as longer and in-depth content. For this we believe 3 key aspects are needed:

  • be highly creative and imaginative
  • have good written and interpersonal skills (in spanish & english!)
  • work well in a team
  • understand SEO and how to apply it on our content

The copywriter job is aligned with our content team and with our graphic design team. This intern would report directly to the content manager and the marketing director. To apply to this please link your portfolio or any other type of experience you might have on copywriting (or even proofreading!).

💸 Inside Sales

Are you doing a business or marketing degree with an interest in sales? Or just an interest in sales in general? This is definitely a position you want to check out. You’ll be working in the intersection between Customer Success and Sales with the Nimbo team to help convert our free-trial users into paying users through email automation, cold-calling, and our in-chat conversations. You’ll learn how to use best-in-class tools like Hubspot and Intercom to achieve this.

😎 Customer Success

We’re looking for someone who enjoys a challenge and wants to learn about the healthcare industry. If you’re interested in IT and are studying a health-related career (Physician, Biomedical Engineer, Nursing) or a financial-related career (Accounting or Finance) you would add great value to the team.

You’ll be working with a multidisciplinary team of clinical and financial consultants learning different things such as EHR/ERP/HIS and their usage on Hospitals. If you like solving problems, dealing with people and enjoy IT (as a user) this position could be for you!

📝 Product Development

UI Designer

We are looking for a UI Designer intern to turn our software into easy-to-use products for our clients. UI Designer responsibilities include gathering user requirements, designing graphic elements and building navigation components.

Ultimately, you’ll create both functional and appealing features that address our clients’ needs and help us grow our customer base.

About Ecaresoft Inc:

Ecaresoft is a fast growing digital health company focused on building transformative products: Nimbo, Cirrus, and Nebula.

We’re shameless about our passion for hard work. We live to create the best healthcare software and improving the healthcare industry through them.