Growth Manager Middle East

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At Ecaresoft, marketing is all about attracting new leads. All the things that we do should target this goal.

The Middle East Growth Manager at Ecaresoft is the position in charge of growing the outbound and inbound strategy of Nimbo and Cirrus software. This person knows how to plan, execute, and measure digital campaigns to benefit the creation of leads. This position creates, implements, and oversees communication programs that effectively describe and promote the company and our products (including brochures, company sheets, and PPTs). Being a growth manager for the region creates informative and timely content.

The Growth Manager should handle SEM and SEO strategies for the region. SEM efforts are supported by a small team, and together they ought to obtain the best performance for CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost). Also, the SEO strategy is something that we are always improving as a marketing team.

Market and competitor analysis is something that we constantly want to do.

What to expect about the position?

We are a small marketing team based in Latin America. This position will be part of this LATAM team, focusing on the Middle East region’s growth. To achieve lead gen, we want somebody who feels confident in doing experiments to achieve lead gen. You are not on your own (we will support you always) but, you should guide us, and we will listen to your opinions about the market.

Expect uncertainty and feel fine of making some mistakes through the path of doing marketing. Curiosity is something that we like. Do things instead of waiting for instructions.

This position is an expert in Adwords, Google Analytics, and Social Networks ads. You must be an organized and creative person. It is not difficult for them to make things happen, nor do they have obstacles in getting the brand to present itself in the different media of modern marketing.

It is also the role that leads the organization and execution of digital campaigns based on prospecting lists or topics related to the generation of content.

Finally, this role is also responsible for establishing a social media strategy, giving the brand a chance to generate engagement through social networks.


  • Digital marketing
  • Social Networks (Publication and strategy)
  • Creation, execution, and dissemination of events (digital & traditional) such as webinars, web summits, breakfasts with clients or prospects, etc.
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Copywriting (English)

About Ecaresoft Inc:

Ecaresoft is a fast growing digital health company focused on building transformative products: Nimbo, Cirrus, and Nebula.

We’re shameless about our passion for hard work. We live to create the best healthcare software and improving the healthcare industry through them.