VP of Engineering for Cirrus

Monterrey, Mexico or Remote | Full Time

vp engineering

We want to reduce the cost of healthcare by creating products that help physicians, hospitals, and payers operate in more efficient ways. We’re looking for a VP of Engineering for Cirrus to helps us achieve this mission.

About the role:

As the VP of Engineering for Cirrus, you’ll be responsible for growing and managing our 30-person engineering team that is currently distributed across 4 cities, 2 countries, and 2 time zones. You’ll be a manager of managers, and report directly to our Co-CEO.

We believe with time we’ll only become a more distributed company (more timezones, more cultures, more remote). This brings a lot of opportunities, but also many challenges.

Cirrus is a multi-tenant, cloud-native, mission critical solution that helps hospitals manage their operations from patient records to inventory management and billing. It is used by every person that works at a hospital, 24/7.

As the VP of Engineering for Cirrus you’ll be responsible for figuring out how to move with agility and speed while maintaining a highly reliable system.

We’re looking for a highly technical person that can help us navigate through tough engineering problems, but that also has a knack for people management and coaching.

Your responsibilities:

  • Build and grow an excellent engineering organization with a strong management team
  • Finding the correct balance between creating autonomy in every team, with establishing consistency and cohesion across our the engineering organization
  • Enabling engineer managers to bring their teams to their full potential
  • Helping define the human and software architecture that helps us scale
  • Own and make sure we can rapidly, reliably, and repeatedly deliver quality product to market
  • Serve as the company spokesperson for the engineering organization, demonstrating leadership in the community with developers, partners, and customers
  • Iterate over our onboarding process to reduce our engineer’s time to productivity
  • Working with HR to create initiatives that help us attract the best talent in a remote-friendly, distributed company


  • Minimum 6 years of software development work experience
  • +3 years of leadership experience in software development
  • Experience working with remote or distributed teams and collaborators
  • Absurdly tech-savvy
  • Great programming skills, even if you do it now only as a hobby.
  • Experience building multi-tenant cloud products
  • Up to date with latest technologies trends, and maintains an “always be learning” mentality. Our tech stack is not sacred and we want to keep evolving it
  • Proficient understanding of git and experience using it in teams. Extra points if you have experience using GitFlow branching model
  • In-depth Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment process experience
  • Passion for driving change with an entrepreneurial spirit - we want peers who are emotionally invested in their own success and the success of their customers
  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills, including the ability to clearly communicate complicated technical topics to non-technical audiences
  • English and Spanish proficiency
  • Extra points if you have experience with Rails, Java, Elixir, EmberJS, PostgreSQL…

Our offer:

  • Competitive compensation package reflecting skills and experience
  • An exciting opportunity to be part of a great global company with a unique informal start-up culture, great leadership and a strong vision. No extensive corporate bureaucracy guaranteed.
  • Chance to take part in growing a rapidly developing business with fast industry growth rate
  • Opportunity to grow your skills in our global team

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What we believe:

We don’t only want to be successful. But we also want to do it in a way it makes us proud and happy. The best way we know how to do this is by working with people that share our values:

  • Meaningful work, meaningful relationships.
  • We don’t need babysitters.
  • What’s right, not who’s right.

If these sound true to you and want to help us scale a company full of people aligned by them, then this might be an opportunity for you.


Send us an email with a couple of paragraphs about yourself and a copy of your resume.

About Ecaresoft Inc:

Ecaresoft is a fast growing digital health company focused on building transformative products: Nimbo, Cirrus, and Nebula.

We’re shameless about our passion for hard work. We live to create the best healthcare software and improving the healthcare industry through them.