Lead Software Developer

Egypt | Full Time

We’re looking for a Lead Software Developer to join our Cirrus team in the Middle East!

Cirrus is a modern, cloud-based HIS/EHR. We have an established technology foundation and are currently transitioning to a microservices architecture to provide extra functionality to our expanding user base. We’re growing our product aggressively, therefore strong best practices, tidy development, design patterns and testing is a must.

If you’re interested in working on a project where you’ll have a direct impact in the architecture, tech stack and tools that will become the foundation of the product for years to come, this might be the right job for you.

You will work along with a self-motivated multi-disciplinary team, comfortable with the challenges of a rapidly growing product, taking part in the design, implementation, testing and delivery.

What we believe in:

  • The people you work and surround yourself with mean everything: people that challenge you, people you can hang out with.
  • This is your life calling: be it graphic design, development, sales, etc… you want to become an “expert” through constant learning and experimentation.
  • We want to leave a mark in the world through our work, our products, and the impact they have on people.

What we’re looking for:

  • Awesome Java coding skills & experience developing rock-solid and performant APIs and client side applications
  • Knowledge in other cutting-edge languages is a plus. Ex.: Javascript, Elixir, Python, Ruby…
  • Super comfortable using Git versioning tools, Agile methodologies such as Scrum and/or Kanban, state-of-the-art design patterns & best practices
  • Product-driven & DevOps-minded individual. From roadmap to production!
  • Quick learner, capable of adapting and switching between different programming languages & frameworks
  • Great DBA skills
  • Able to prioritize and carry on responsibilities, calmly under pressure & with minimal oversight
  • Driven to deliver and balance between “getting things done” and “long term maintainability & extensibility”
  • Someone passionate about technology who loves working with like-minded individuals and doesn’t mind challenging the status quo every once in awhile.

It’s your responsability as a Lead Developer to:

  • Mentor and help recruit the memebers of your development team
  • Maintain a high morale & high productivity in your team
  • Implement and make sure that all developers in your team adhere to the software quality standards
  • Ensure the features developed by your team are produced to the highest possible quality in the fastest possible time and no less
  • Act as a liaison of your team with the rest of the development organization at Ecaresoft

Interested? Shoot us an email with your resume plus a couple of paragraphs explaining why you’d like to join the team!

Check us out: ecaresoft.com - getcirrus.com

About Ecaresoft Inc:

Ecaresoft is a fast growing digital health company focused on building transformative products: Nimbo, Cirrus, and Nebula.

We’re shameless about our passion for hard work. We live to create the best healthcare software and improving the healthcare industry through them.